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Ash Adams & Greg Bem
Convergence. Collision. Transaction. Dialogue. Emergence. Fulfillment. How would you recount seven years apart? How would you describe 2,500 days worth of experiences to someone as strange as they are familiar? In this drift, two individuals, coincidentally rejoined since they lost their shared intimacy, discuss the last quarter of their lives. In public they will ask each other questions, and in public they will hear each other’s answers. The safety of a strange city neither of them live within, the safety of Portland, will be a conduit, a mediation. Participants are welcome to observe, engage, and learn through this conversation.

Petal Harder
Corey Anderson & Deirdre Fulton
Petal Harder is an exploration of the effects of emphasizing one random person in a crowd, and how people react to classic romance tropes. It will take place in the vicinity of the treasure chest and the video expo, between the hours of 7-9pm on friday and saturday. Participants will certainly not be covered in water.

Kerry Anderson
“Realignments” will use street fixtures as starting points and focal points for performers as they stand, move, dance, and interact with each other. I would like to have multiple iterations of the performance, and each iteration will take place on a different city block. The different alignments of street fixtures on different blocks will create different dialogues between dancers and their surroundings. My aim is to allow for performers ― people living in Portland ― to interact with and see certain familiar surroundings in a new way.

Tara Atkinson
Tara Atkinson’s short prose chapbook BEDTIME STORIES (published by alice blue) will be distributed throughout drift areas. Those who find copies will be tasked with reading the book before bed and reporting back on their dreams that night. The compiled report will emphasize the second text that is the story of the reader.

Fingerprint Portraits
Jeff Badger
Free, on-the-spot fingerprint portraits.

Stub Wilderness
A(mel)ia Bentley
Mel Bentley presents Stub Wilderness, published through Well Greased Press. A para abecedarian epistolary text of public secrets of para-amour, it takes as it’s subject the body political in precarity. Grounded in attentiveness to material reality, Stub Wilderness sends distress signals to an imagined audience, which, should it exist, cannot respond.

“quareria” “hydromantctic” “poem shop”
Chanelle Bergeron
quareria is the name of Chanelle Bergeron’s medicinal practice. She offers healing consultations that involve intuitive counseling & which attempt to instill a sense of well-being through ritual. the apothecary specializes in plant, environmental, & stone essences, as well as herbal tinctures, tea blends, & liniments.

hydromanctic is the solo sound-collage project of Chanelle Bergeron. Using a loop pedal, contact mics, & reverb, each performance is improvised & calls upon the spirit/energy of the particular space & people who are in attendance.

poem shop is on-the-spot poetry, written by typewriter, & prompted by you. Chanelle began doing poem shop in manhattan seven years ago, & has since brought her trusty typewriter to street corners all over the united states. poem shop brings people together through curiosity & the moment, crystallized by the written word.

Glam Branch
Tom Bordeaux
Reflecting on the symbiotic co-evolution of kitsch and the natural environment, this semi-mobile, non-permanent and partially bio-degradable installation examines questions of possessive shininess in an otherwise non-shiny, non-reflective world.

Cole Caswell
Images from peripheral spaces.

Amanda Clark
A “game”-like performance, revolving around interaction sans direct communication, with the living as well as non-living objects.

Clay Projex
Prismatic Lumia
looning non urklat, wast pooning dendertwup. Hun duxerpon dap, piffles een, piffles vooning.

The Matryoshka Principle
Toni Jo Coppa & Julie Kuceris Gray
My imaginary friends will attend my reading of “hope for the flowers” by Trina Paulus. By the light of a lantern in Deering Oaks Park, we will be gathered picnic-style with a blanket on the ground. The goal is the photograph produced from the production, shot by Julie Kuceris Gray. Real people are welcome to attend the reading. No outside lighting allowed.

Dead Letter
Joe Dwyer
Dead Letter takes a different view on how film should be treated as it ages. This film is a eulogy for all those lost (and even those “restored”) since the invention of the medium. The source material comes from select found footage, cans of film rediscovered in a dumpster that are beyond any attempt at restoration, and high contrast cinegrams of the film folded over itself. The content is optically printed, not with the intention of restoring anything, but preserving them in their decayed states, with an embellished sense of poetry. The flow of the water in the opening, middle and closing images indicate a “drift” in the primordial time and space in which all is created. The way the film sprockets drift through the frame in the middle part are worth thinking about as well.

FOES is a fusion of two definitions of “band” ― the hyperaggressive, success-seeking modern pop with the early-original formulation, i.e. a group of music players who never go home. Our FOES are played by three individuals, peripatetic improvisational musicians toting their own stage (a 8’ by 12’ pageant wagon), balancing the demands of musical sensibility, courtship of fans, and the demands of daily life over a period of 20 hours. FOES do not leave the wagon. FOES mobilize at the Water Treatment Plant in the East End at 4 pm Saturday and conclude at Strange Maine 11 am Sunday, making sure to conjoin and jam with fellow drifters at Thompson’s Point in the vagueness of Saturday evening. Loosely, the streets FOES take include Commercial St., Spring St., and several streets in Bayside/Marginal Way, with a final stretch run/hill climb up Congress Sunday morning. Please do not be shy to call or text Leffergy at 207.370.2420; Light Gist at 207.286.6420; or Jim Joe at 207.347.9509 for up-to-date information on FOES’ whereabouts.

The Garage Band
Come Join THE GARAGE BAND! The Garage Band seeks players — bring a stick! Led by Bandleader Pinkie! Meet outside the parking garage on Pleasant Street, 4:30-5 pm.

The Observers
Sean Glover
The Observers is a roving geodesic structure that houses an eight-inch Dobsonian telescope. It is inspired by astronomers’ notes and drawings that were made prior to the invention of photography. Viewers are encouraged to record what they experience in notebooks, climb onto the geodesic structure, and/or participate in the conversation about the happenings on site and beyond. The Observers can be experienced during the day and at night. We have looked to the night sky for many ages. Navigators use the stars to determine their direction. Astrologers look to the stars in anticipation of what the future may hold. Our daily interactions with people, objects, and structures are like ever shifting points within a vast constellation. The pattern of this array can easily be lost due to the quickened pace of our everyday routine. I would like my audience to ask what the slow and deliberate can reveal in relation to the great constellation of the every-day.

In Case No One Asked You Today
Jeff Gould
Three letterboxes at Fort Sumner Park on North Street that will act as holding containers for responses to prompted questions.

What’s wrong?
What’re you afraid of?
What do you love?

Though the answers remain anonymous, they will exist as a voice in the index of their written response and so become a representation of the city as a city of individuals with problems, with fears, and with love.

Space Reversed
Khiang Heng
In early 2014, artists and performers presented “Space Reversed” at the Bophana Center in central Phnom Penh, engaging the boundaries of the audience in a given space. This new perspective, via video recording, provides a new audience in a new space an angle from a completely “otherly” realm.

The Simple Beauties in the Complex Relations of Living Things
Blake Hiltunen
A sculpturally inspired mobile observation beehive into Portland and allowing the bees to fly in and out during the exhibition.

Sugar + Salt
Nicole Hogarty
This is a grand dance performance. Costumes. Costume changes. There is a manifesto poem delivered by a snail trail. There are whimsical animals. It tells a story about the descent of character into one’s beast reptilian core.

Two Lonely Benches
Robert Hyde
This project aims to find humor in the often vexing world of online dating by decontextualizing text fragments from hook-up sites. By locating such fragments in the public sphere, the artist breaks down notions of privacy and draws parallels between personal and commercial advertisement.

Drifting from Washington
Graham Isaac, Mark Anderson, & Benjamin Schmitt
Three Seattle poets engage the East Coast in their own digital manner, bringing a live reading of verse and stories of the Pacific Northwest into new territories. There will be multiple online readings projected in various places throughout the three days of citydrift.

Directions / Drift / Takes
Beazley Kanost
Drifting between her own fiction and clips from Shirley Clarke’s 1967 groundbreaking film, Portrait of Jason, Beazley Kanost will consider some drifters ― why and how they drift and how “one” can possibly know them ― because they drift. She’ll drift between fictive Oklahoma and Jason Holliday’s NYC and San Francisco, between white bohemian rednecks and a black, gay hipster and the importance to both fiction and film of being unmoored and shifting.

King Tide: ReSEAving
King Tide Gang

What: A community sending and reSEAving of meditations-in-bottles.
Where: Lincoln Park. At the fountain.
When: Sunday, September 21, from 2pm–3pm.
How: Sometime on Friday, bottles will materialize at venues/spaces/wilds around town (both public and private). Find a bottle, read its Read Me, follow the directions, and join us on by the fountain on Sunday to deliver and then receive a bottle. *Bottles will also be available at the fountain on Sunday.*
Who: The King Tide Gang and You.
Why: Change. Inundation. Reflection.

Catherine LaBarre
A propagation of colorful cells made of recycled fabric. Each fabric cell will be pinned on the bark of trees, organized in clusters. They will spread and ‘grow’ on several trees to represent an expanding organism. The cell is a unit of structure that works autonomously but also in collaboration with others.

Bicycle Crash
Rollin Leonard
Bicycle Crash is a pixel-level, programmatic animation. Objects are thrown against the edge of the frame and the negative space compresses until the last banana is splatters over the tangled wreck.

Elevating the Issue of Opiate Addition in Maine
Michael Libby
A posting campaign creating public dialog around the social issue of addiction. The poster is intended to be provocative, to ignite public discussion – to get the city high – literally – above the usual platitudes about drug use. On the hand-painted posters, the GET HIGH command reflects society’s one-dimensional cliché mentality towards addiction that floats under the image of a hot air balloon in the shape of a chemical compound.

Yellow Devil
New York Diary. Faces and places by Anatoli Ulyanov & Natasha Masharova. Нью-Йоркский фото-дневник Луча. At citydrift/Portland, will also include a discussion with Rob Lieber and possible Skype call at Zero Station.

Your Hair, Your Spit
Douglas W. Milliken & Genevieve Johnson
A sound installation built at a randomly-chosen drift site (Open Bench at Thompson Point) using limited tools and whatever materials proved available on-site.

A Mischief of Rats
Johanna Moore
Two creatures whose development and migration are intrinsically linked to the migration of human beings are rats and domestic fowl. Portland, a port city with shipping and grain warehousing playing a major role in its history, has been a perfect host for rat populations. For citydrift/Portland I am focusing on the rat and am making a mischief of rats (think Terra Cotta Warriors only in Rat form) and placing them around the peninsula, hidden in plain sight. Citydrift participants are encouraged to seek out these rats for on the underside of each will be printed some facts about rats. Sometimes the information will be a true historical or biological fact relating to the Norway Rat, sometimes it will be a figurative tale using slang definition for “Rat.” Some will include links to imagery, videos, and/or websites. The goal is to have citydrift participants respond to the facts and stories through photography, video (Instagram or Vine, for example), writing, etc. Responses will be Tumblred and Pinned on-line. An installation documenting the Mischief of Rats project will be at Space Gallery Annex. Naturally, any game of hide and seek should have a prize. There will be 5 golden rats among the dozens placed around the city. Find one of these and bring it to Space on Sunday, September 21 and the participant can choose an object I will have available.

Object Solutions: Welcome to Portland, solved
Ernesto Morales
“Welcome to a world of problems, solved.” Object Solutions is a semi-fictitious product development company that offers inventions for solving everyday problems. It emphasizes a worldview fixated on halting inconvenience, discomfort and imperfection, by acquiring an ever-growing set of hyper-specialized external tools. Through prototypes, sketches and dramatizations, Object Solutions presents a dark and obsessive reflection on consumerism and the role of products in our lives. See more at objectsolutions.net

For citydrift/Portland, Object Solutions will present a set of fictional products that address everyday inconveniences of life on the streets in Portland. By presenting these products in outdoor advertisements ― “Coming Soon” ― the aim is to raise questions: Is this product real or conceptual? If it is real, and thus purchasable, how does that change the way I perceive the problem it is addressing? How do I usually solve this problem on my own, or is this problem something I even dwell upon? The aim is to engage people’s critical eye toward products as problem-solvers, and the reliance on them that companies encourage via advertising. Given the products’ relevance to Portland, and the community’s engagement during citydrift/Portland, Object Solutions will strive to inspire conversations about these topics.

The Migration of Edges
Jeanne Morel
My words are drifting into Portland on small pieces of paper attached to larger pieces. Into your landscape, I would like to insert a hello. . . The form is familiar―questions merge with answers. Your words will go onto the larger papers.

We are working together―charting the inner and outer landscape, negotiating space and edges, arrivals and departures, blending personal and collective narratives.

Look for the questionnaires throughout citydrift/Portland. Grab one and dash off your answers. Don’t think, don’t edit, just give me your first words! I work with fragments, juxtaposition and collage.

I am a stranger writing to you from the opposite edge of the continent. Thank you for your words! Drop them off at the SPACE Gallery Annex with one of the curators so they can drift back to me from the coast of Maine to edge of the Pacific. I am gathering material for a long poem.

Rorschach Portland
William Norton
I’m going to be bringing several smaller painters tarps, some black and white thinned down paint, and carry those around the neighborhoods. Then I will splash paint on 1/2 of the canvas fold it over to let people stomp on them, utilizing the varied terrain. This will then make a Rorschach of the drift of various areas.

Stillness in Cacophony
Denis Nye
Stillness in Cacophony is a composed chamber work that is a 12 tone composition. The composition is a 12 tone row score for instruments and spoken word. The music will run through different processors that will create two individual pieces. The acoustic sounds of the instruments will represent the stillness. The processed music being the cacophony. There will be random readings from John Cage’s written words intertwined throughout the piece.

Sean O’Brien
Long-Exposure Laser Images (LZRgram) documenting the event/people/city. Joseph Bueys believed that certain places needed “healing;” under bridges, on city sidewalk—these LZRgrams will provide an MRI like documentation surrounding the events of CITY DRIFT.

Elise Pepple, Ayumi Horie, Pilar Nadal, & MECA’s FY-IN class
Portland Brick: Two Truths and A Lie
For this ephemeral installation Portland brick will be stenciling the side walks of India street with past preset an future memories of the neighborhood in 140 character phrases. Some of them will be truths some of them will be lies. Imagine the stories of the city the ones that are too good to be true. The ones that mark the place as significant.

Julie Poitras Santos
ROPE/WALK is a ritual walk reactivating historical spaces of rope making in Portland, ME.
Through dialogue and action, rope/walk inscribes a new text on the layered surface, a pathway highlighted in red, articulating the tensions of language at a distance and translation across spaces.

Galen Richmond
Prepared televisions for newspaper distribution boxes.

We May Have Met
Dawn Robinson
King Lettuce’s Great Dynasty is comprised of literature and music which might be described as what one gardener called “worn pathways between houses, walked by friends,” rather than well-guarded citadels. It is an ongoing project which cultivates music, poetry, trans-genre fish-detectives (of the noir variety) and attempts to do all of this posthumously, in order to create the kind of nourishment which is timeless.

King Lettuce’s Great Dynasty is a guest in Portland, Maine in September 2014, as part of citydrift/Portland. Considering that everyone in Portland, Maine since 1623 or so, has been a guest of the Abenaki Native American folk (whose home it originally was) a drifter could reckon we are all of us just taking turns being guests in each-other’s streets. Abenaki translates, roughly, into something like: “people of the dawnlands.” As Portland was re-named four times and burned down a bunch of other times, while the dawnlands tribe ended up drifting about in places such as Quebec and Vermont, the best way to be a good guest in this town seems to be to embrace art, which burns everyone’s stuff down and changes its names all of the time, while it creates new homes and contexts. “Sous les paves, la plage,” could be one street drifter’s way of saying that, so long as we keep appraised of who and what came before us while we stroll the diamond stones, we’ll be humble enough to earn our welcome. The piece was created with Daniel Mortensen, Todd Garrison, and Jeremy Saperstein.

Vagrant Frequencies
Nick Rosenblum
A tiny, wandering radio station. Just passing through you. Conceived as a transient beacon that broadcasts from the latent spaces within our city, VF takes its programming cues from the specific problems and beauty of each installation site. An aural trove of cultural remnants, invisible channels, useless bodies of information and elusive feelings.

Dreaming of Flight
Reba Short, Christina Klein, Brittany Cook, Heather Irish, Jennie Hahn, Allison McCall, Michela Micalizio, & Emma Cooper
A recreation of Amelia Earhart’s final flight circumnavigating Portland’s Back Bay told with paper airplanes, live actors and inaccurate maps. This is a theatrical experiment exploring the imaginations of those who dream to fly.

Arlo Smith
Sixty handmade tickets/postcards, resembling telegram forms, will be distributed during the festival in an effort to share and create organically with strangers. The tickets will be stamped and addressed to Seattle resident and poet Arlo Jacob Smith. Tickets are to be redeemed for poemgrams. Recipients are directed to provide a theme for a commissioned poem and the name and address it will be sent to. When Mr. Smith receives a ticket he will write a poem based on the theme and mail a poemgram to the given address. More about this project can be found on Mr. Smith’s blog.

Alluvium: Current Revisions of a Drifting City
Eric Spalding & Ben DeHaan
A video of water being projection onto a space in the city. This project will utilize three dimensional space to distort a moving image, activating the video and creating a surreal image. A natural environment is blown up through use of projection onto a man made structure, distorting the purpose and sense of space.

Let’s Figure It Out!
Alex Steed
For two hours of each day of citydrift/Portland―at locations on the peninsula as yet TBD―you will find me at an analog research kiosk. In other words, I will be stationed at a table stacked with reference books. Along with a rotating cast of illustrious guest experts, during each session, I will be available to field questions about anything. Along with the seeker of knowledge we will pursue the answer together. The questions can be tangible―Who wrote the song A Boy Named Sue?―or they can be existential―Why? Just WHY?―and we will all sit down and figure it out together face-to-face (and undisturbed by comments-section-lurking trolls).

Kurt Steger
“Lodge” is built as a sacred space, loosely inspired by the Lakota sweat lodge or Inipi. The piece is built in a sacred manner paying attention to directions, asking for guidance and smudging the area with white sage. The intension is for this to be a space for people to come in and sit in a quiet manner and share and listen to each other’s life stories. When we speak our truth and listen openly we touch each other in a sacred way that is both healing and empowering. I invite the community to explore the local area and return with natural objects and add them to a mandala that is forming a natural alter outside the entrance. The entire project resembles a sand painting in that it is created ceremoniously and in the same spirit it is deconstructed and the land is raked back to it’s original state leaving only the memories of those that participated.

Stroudwater Village Neighborhood Jam Session & Cookout
Stroudwater Village Association
Meet neighbors and enjoy good conversation | Face Painting/Cupcake Decorating | Local Dignitaries mingling | Hamburger/Hot Dog Cookout (donated and served by the Stroudwater Baptist Church Men’s Club) | AND home made cookies! | Jam session — bring your instruments — join our local musicians!

John Sundling
A sculptural contrivance created to exploit the inherent qualities of a man-made body of water on the peninsula of Portland.

Voice of the People
The Telling Room
Student writers and documentarians from The Telling Room will be in Tommy’s Park from 4:30-5:30pm on September 19th creating vox pop audio stories. These vox pops (latin for vox populi ― or “voice of the people”) will come from interviews of Portlanders who pass by the park. Each student will have a different question and Portlanders will offer up “man on the street” spontaneous answers and stories from their own lives. Pieces will later be edited and available for public listening.

Mechanical Music Box Lock-In
Steve Tesh & Brendan Ferri
Locked in a room at The Open Bench Project for 24 hours, Tesh and Ferri will manufacture a sonic experiment testing and exploring an up cycled detritus. Disassembling and reassembling a piano as to create new possibilities in sound ― testing their mechanical abilities, while exploring musical possibilities.

Self Arrest
6 images. From either direction, depending on where you start and how you want it to end.

A Boat Out Of Water Trying to Get Back Into It
Michael Dix Thomas
Mike will carry a (potentially seaworthy) homemade boat from one side of the peninsula to the other and attempt to launch it in Casco Bay.

Water & Wind: Bottle
Ling-Wen Tsai & Nathan Kolosko
Water & Wind: Bottle focuses on capturing water and wind, and draws attention to invisible elemental energies that are perceptible through ever-present phenomena. The intent of the work is to allow time-space for the viewer to enter the experience, and to ultimately become more engaged in their own existence within the fragile environment we share.

Dream Quilt
Jane Walsh
Quilt-making in America has often been a community event, where stitching occurs along side the sharing of gossip, secrets, dreams and fears. Here I ask drifters to participate by sharing a piece of fabric (i.e. tag from clothing) and a few words from a dream/memory. Using foundation fabric that I hand dyed in Maine this summer, I will be assembling the quilt on site Friday and Saturday. Everyone is invited to the quilting bee to cut, stitch and dream.

Protest Raga
Patrick Colin Walsh
A deconstruction of the relationship between art and politics. I’ll be playing a long form, open tuned improvisation on the electric guitar and displaying a banner with protest slogans. I want to engage an audience with music and facilitate thought about social and political issues with text.

Meg Willing

“An erasure is the creation of a new text by disappearing the old text that surrounds it.” —Mary Ruefle

“EraseIt/MakeIt//MakeIt/Yours” begins with multiple copies of the same one-page of prose, which is then altered―though erasure―to create an entirely new textual experience. citydrift/Portland attendees will be able to participate in the project by creating their own pieces of erasure poetry from the same source text―to view established text as something fluid and changeable. By starting with the same source text, this project examines the mutability of the written word and the ways in which we cast our own hyper-personalized landscapes onto the page.

Wall Drawing ∞
Saula Wit
Drawings created by participants offering a mark according to instructions.


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