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Please check back as we continue to update this page with images, audio, and video from the citydrift/Portland weekend! If you have documentation you’d like to add here and/or offer to drifters for their records, please email them to Jenna: crowder.jenna [at] gmail [dot] com.

For further documentation, check out our Instagram feed @citydrift_portland and the hashtags #citydrift2014 and #citydriftportland.

All images courtesy of the drifters unless otherwise noted.

Fingerprint Portraits
Saturday morning | Ohno Cafe | Jeff Badger

  • Fingerprint Portraits (Jeff Badger; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)


A Labyrinth of Translations
Sunday afternoon | Longfellow House Garden | Tracey Cockrell

  • A Labyrinth of Translations (Tracey Cockrell; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)

drifter Julie Poitras Santos playing Tracey Cockrell’s Labryrinth of Translations. @citydrift_portland #citydrift2014

A video posted by Jenna Crowder (@jennacrowder) on



Alluvium: Current Revisions of a Drifting City throughout the weekend | throughout the city | Ben DeHaan & Eric Spalding


The Garage Band Sunday afternoon | Pleasant Street Garage | The Garage Band, led by Bandleader Pinkie

  • The Garage Band (led by Bandleader Pinkie)


The Observers
Saturday | Thompson’s Point | Sean Glover

  • The Observers (Sean Glover; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)


Sugar + Salt
Saturday afternoon & Sunday evening | PMA parking lot & Congress Square Park | Nicole Hogarty

  • Sugar + Salt (Nicole Hogarty; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)


Your Hair, Your Spit
Saturday evening | Open Bench Project at Thompson’s Point | Douglas W. Milliken & Genevieve Johnson


Stillness in Cacophony Saturday evening | Oak Street Garage | Denis Nye

stillness in cacophony — Denis Nye #citydrift2014
A video posted by Jenna Crowder (@jennacrowder) on


Battery-Powered Televisions
Saturday evening | newspaper boxes on Congress Street | Galen Richmond

  • Battery-Powered Televisions (Galen Richmond; photo credit: Jenna Crowder)


King Lettuce’s Great Dynasty
Friday & Saturday | SPACE Gallery Annex | Dawn Robinson


Saturday & Sunday | Thompson’s Point | Kurt Steger

  • Lodge (Kurt Steger; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)


Mechanical Music Box Lock-In
24 hours Friday pm–Saturday pm | Open Bench Project at Thompson’s Point | Steve Tesh & Brendan Ferri

  • Mechanical Music Box Lock-In (Steve Tesh & Brendan Ferri; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)


wheat-paste images | Exchange Street Alley | thinkpunkgirl

  • Self-Arrest (thinkpunkgirl; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)


A Boat Out of Water Trying To Get Back Into It
boat launch Saturday morning | West End Promenade to East End Beach | Michael Dix Thomas

  • A Boat Out of Water Trying To Get Back Into It (Michael Dix Thomas; photo credit: Mariah Bergeron)


Transcendental Chess
Sunday afternoon | SPACE Gallery Annex | Transcendental Chess Team

  • Transcendental Chess at SPACE Gallery Annex (Transcendental Chess Team; photo credit: Jenna Crowder)


Water & Wind: Bottle
projections throughout the weekend | Old Port | Ling-Wen Tsai & Nathan Kolosko

  • Water & Wind: Bottle (Ling-Wen Tsai & Nathan Kolosko; photo credit: Ling-Wen Tsai)