Panels and Symposia

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Saturday July 20

3 pm citydrift/Detroit Director and Venue Partner Kunsthalle Detroit: Public Talk


Peter Hopkins, Director, citydrift

Bonnie Rychlak, Curator, ArtHelix Gallery

Tate Osten, Co-founder & Executive Director, Kunsthalle Detroit

Tim White-Sobieski, Co-founder, Kunsthalle Detroit

4 pm DEbord to DEtroit: citydrift/Detroit Associate Curator Panel Discussion

Moderated by Jennifer Junkermeier, Independent Curator, Detroit Metro Area & citydrift/Detroit Associate Curator

Panelists (citydrift/Detroit Associate Curators):

Steve Panton & Kathy Rashid, 2739 Edwin, Detroit

Katie G. McGowan, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), Detroit

Kenneth Morris, Independent Curator, Detroit

Christina deRoos & Thomas Bell, SpreadArt, Detroit

Sunday July 21

3 – 6 pm Drifter Symposium via Alyson Jones and the Circle of Inquiry. All Welcome.

Philosophical inquiry uses questioning to simulate deep thought and create meaningful conversations.

Alyson Jones is a native Detroiter who resides in the city. She is a Professional Educator, Philosopher and Founder of Searching for Telos: Philosophy for Children. She is longtime Bibiophile and is always happy to assist her family with at Source Booksellers in it’s mission to make the Literary Arts Visible.