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Sept 7th-10th 2012

Drift Date

Sept 7th, 2012  9 PM onwards

Drifts start on Sept 7th 2012 at 9PM from the following

drift sites. 

Host, Principal Drift Site

The mission of The Bogart Salon is to change the way in which we understand the art gallery. It was created to fill the void that currently exists in the landscape of our culture, the absence of a “meeting place”, an agora where art and culture can talk to and about itself. Thus The Bogart Salon was designed not strictly as an art gallery for display and sale of art objects- although we exhibit art works for sale- instead it is imagined as a “living room” for the art world. A unique blend of digital connectivity mixed with late nineteenth century concepts of a salon that allows for a wide range of modalities: precise shows of paintings, panel discussions, playful interactive events, book signings, poetry, dance, belle canto recitals…in short everything that can now be understood asculture, as well as an investigation of the actual ways we create culture in this new environment of global discourse.



Principal Drift Site

Momenta Art is a not for profit exhibition organization dedicated to promoting the work of emerging and underrepresented artists. The work we show combines social and aesthetic concerns. Citydrift provides an opportunity to merge these concerns in a public setting.



Drift Site

Studio10 is an exhibition space conceived as a venue for interdisciplinary projects and shows. It is the intention of the gallery to provide a platform where different practices and ideas meet and inform each other thereby creating an open dialogue between artists. Studio10 is pleased to participate in City Drift because the event provides a forum for possibility and potential. Citydrift’s collaborative and inclusive drive is congruent with the intent of Studio10 as a place to aggregate ideas and generate critical thinking through an engaged and layered participation with art.

Contact: Annelie McGavin

Annelie McGavin is a curator and the director of Studio10: upcoming exhibition Image and Objecthood: Santiago Mostyn, Peter Sutherland, Jai Lennard, Sept 7-30, 2012. Annelie worked at Benrimon Contemporary and Sperone Westwater in New York after completing her masters in Modern and Contemporary art at Christie’s Education, London.



Drift Site

Slag Gallery, since its opening in summer 2008, has focused on presenting contemporary works by Eastern European artists who have minimal exposure in the United States. In 2009 the gallery has begun featuring works by international artists in all media. Slag’s founder is the Romanian born, Irina Protopopescu who has long been a supporter of artists. Slag Gallery shows works in all media and functions as a laboratory where artists can experiment within the walls of a gallery space. By calling the gallery Slag (Slag is a waste product in metal smelting, yet highly recyclable), Protopopescu is emphasizing that what might be worthless in one context has meaning in another and operates on that model…where one thing can evolve into another. The gallery pushes boundaries by presenting artists whose work explores geo-political, as well as social environments and issues.



Drift Site

Robert Henry Contemporary presents the compelling work of emerging and established local and national artists in a relaxed accessible environment. Our program strives to present work that is conceptually sophisticated while visually engaging. We endeavor to provide a wide range of work that appeals to a diverse client base whilst meeting our rigorous conceptual and visual standards. We believe in the notion that great art and design should be available to the lives of ordinary people. To that end we are committed to accessibility through public exhibitions and strive to expose our artist’s work to as broad an audience as possible.City Drift is exactly the type of unique event that has the potential to expose both our artist’s work and our collectors to a different experience of visual art. It will hopefully demonstrate Robert Henry Contemporary’s intent to offer a richer experience of contemporary culture than the usual relationship most galleries have with the general public.



Drift Site

NURTUREart Non-Profit Inc. is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists, curators and public school students. Founded in 1997 by George Robinson to realize his vision of a non-profit dedicated to supporting artists, NURTUREart is now located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the heart of emerging art in New York City.
We chose to participate as a drift site because we sympathize with the whole citydrift idea and with the general spirit of the event. I also personally think that the art world needs more and more genre-defying, routine-breaking, intergenerational and interdisciplinary “situations”.




Drift Site

One of the interests of our gallery is documentation of the “immersive culture” of Williamsburg in the early 1990s; the so-called “warehouse events” and other public and interactive events that were a salient of the early scene in northern Brooklyn. Since opening a gallery in Bushwick, I have taken note of recent developments in immersive art such as “the Maze” at Secret Project Robot this past July, and the installations of Andrew Ohanesian at English Kills and elsewhere. This kind of engagement is part of the discourse of art. We are most happy to be a part of Citydrift. — Ethan Pettit



Drift Site

Brooklyn Fire Proof is dedicated to providing a low stress, productive environment to encourage the creative process and the pursuit of art, independent and commercial. At BFP we believe your success is our success, we welcome all productions large and small. Our production service team is available to work with you 24/7, to help you meet your goals regardless of limited budget. We strive to ensure the successful completion of your project and we pride ourselves with our growing list of VIP clients who return to our stages each season.



Drift Site

Twenty years after opening her first gallery in SoHo, Stephanie Theodore is at it again with Theodore:Art, a contemporary art gallery and consultancy, presenting exhibitions of works by emerging and established artists from the UK, EU and the US, in a variety of settings and contexts.

In bringing a selection of emerging European artists to the US, Theodore:Art offers a window of opportunity to discover these promising artists early in their careers.


Drift Site

THE LIVING GALLERY offers emerging artists and teachers a platform for dreams to manifest. We seek to create an environment based on collaboration, not competition. The Living Gallery is a space where passion meets action. The Living Gallery will always be alive with new artwork, events and ideas.

The Living Gallery has chosen to participate in the City Drift because we feel passionate about redefining the relationship between the artist, the gallery, the artwork and the viewer. We are interested in changing the space between all four components and in doing so, creating an engaging and interactive relationship. The Living Gallery believes projects such as the City Drift are imperative in the evolution and future of the art world.

Drift Site
Sunset Surf Club opened in May of 2012 as a site for temporary artistic disruptions.  It is an incubator for the exchange of ideas, creativity, and connections hosting bi-to-tri monthly exhibitions and events.Contact: Julian A. Jimarez HowardJulian is an artist, producer, and writer, currently working in New York City.  His most recent project is the Sunset Surf Club art space in Brooklyn. Having graduated Cum Laude from Brown University in the Department of American Civilization his focus is on place, space, and representation.  As the product of an increasingly globalized planet, world traveling is both a pleasure and a vice.  He was born in New Mexico and has lived in Texas, Virginia, Rhode Island, Brazil, and New York.
253 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Drift Site
“Supreme Digital and its employees will be both physically and psychically participating in Citydrift.  Node TBA”
Drift Site
Fuchs Projects is a contemporary art gallery/studio space founded by Rafael Fuchs in Bushwick, Bklyn, NY in 2012
It’s main goal is to preserve and keep producing  art works by the founder as well as by additional artists that are part of the Bushwick art evolution.